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Film is one of the strongest ways of telling a story. Teasing people and drawing them in. I enjoy creating films with a cinematic feel while remaining authentic. For me, it is a pleasure to create an original concept with my clients and producing a film that is goal oriented. Depending on the style and size of a production, I place myself in a director, cinematographer and/or editor role. If the project requires specific expertise or more manpower than I can provide by myself, I select a team of people I trust to complete the project within the agreed timeframe and budget. Creating films is an art, it’s a beautiful process.

Although film and photography are closely related, they are two very distinct art forms. My aim with photography is to capture instances as they happen. I am not so much a studio photographer, I normally do not work with artificial lights and I hardly ever work with photoshop. My photographs are documentations of life and events. The photography projects I do for clients are always based on the concept of authenticity, my photographs portray instances as they are experienced in the moment.

My drone related activities can be found on my Let’s Drone website:

In some occasions having a camera in the sky can make all the difference. Drones enable us to create shots from insanely cool angles and with extremely interesting camera movements. We’ve all seen epic drone footage. It’s a thrill. I fly with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, which can shoot up to 4k in 50/60fps. It has a 1″ 20mp sensor and shoots very fine photographs as well. If I can be of assistance for your production as a drone pilot or payload operator, do send me an e-mail at




Film is a fascinating craft. What intrigues me is how vividly a story can be visualized through film. I am passionate about creating films with a cinematic and authentic feel by capturing the essence of stories in abstract yet targeted ways. Films evoke feelings. Film is an extremely powerful art form.

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